ICI mix #4 - Deena Abdelwahed

Deena Abdelwahed is an electronic music producer and DJ from Tunisia based in France. Abdelwahed has been part of “Arabstazy’s” collective after the “World Full Of Bass” DJ collective based in Tunis. When DJing, she shares her curiosity and interest in avant garde club music which clearly inspires her to produce and express her own personal music, aiming to find out what an arab club scene would sound like in the future."

In this mix Deena Abdelwahed offers new rhythms to go clubbing on with interesting textures and dynamics.

ICI mix #3 - Larry Gus (DFA Records)
Panagiotis Melidis, aka Larry Gus (λάρυγγας [larigas] Greek for larynx, is hard to pin down. His music is a haven of samples and psychedelic pop melodies drenched in layers and polyrhythms. Live, he goes violently to it, a joyful improvised chaos amongst piles of voices, banging drums and electronics.
In this selection for ICI, Larry Gus showcases his curiosity and attraction to out there melodic music where experimentations are welcome and limitations banned.

ICI mix #2 - YNV
YNV is a Brussels born music lover, film director, gear tinkerer, curator (79 Ancestors Label), and creative coder who now finds himself in sunny California. 
In his mixes, as with his videos, he exploits the liminal space between our most disparate emotional states and the tenuous thread that binds our inner world to reality at its face value. Carrying the torch of his Euro roots, you hear the influence of his homeland with some California sunshine and a palm tree thrown in for good measure.

The Bow aka Markus Hofko has been a long time collaborator of débruit — designing his cover artwork and directing videos for him. Being dragged around between music, art, design, performance, publishing and film making, over the last decade German born Markus Hofko aka The Bow has developed a unique body of work, exploring conceptual ways of storytelling through image.

In this mix Markus blends his varied and surreal taste in a wild potpourri of outlandish tunes — a wondrous trip from the 60s to nowadays and back.

Portfolio: www.bowbowbow.co

Magazine: www.piepaper.com


ICIyouare mix #1 The Bow

Here is a turkish special show débruit did at the NTS studio in London to present his new album "débruit & istanbul" that we released.